Meet the team

We have a technical solution for every problem! Meet our small but powerful team of experienced experts.

Strahinja Dević

Founder CEO

The owner. Odin's owner. To the rest of us, the boss, even though he doesn't like to be called that. The person who started this whole story with his enthusiasm. Because of him, a large number of people came and stayed in the company. When someone with over 12 years of experience in the IT industry, someone who has led international projects, someone with proven leadership qualities invites you to join the team - you come. When someone offers you excellent conditions and benefits that you really need, you stay. An exemplary boss.

Miloš Milenović

Principal Engineer

In high school, he worked for a day in construction, and after that he realized that it was better to build software. We have to admit that he is doing great. ETF graduate with 10 years of experience in the IT industry, responsible for all technical aspects of the project, as well as mentoring new colleagues.

Jan Nemeček

Lead iOS Developer

Programmer and musician. Product-minded software engineer with over 10 years of experience in developing native mobile applications and fullstack web platforms. In addition to products, he also designs sound. The whole company is proud of his music and performances at the biggest festivals in the country and abroad.

Slobodan Gavrilović

Creative Director

Creative Director with 10+ years of experience in the industry. The client just has to envision what they want and Ljuba has already solved it. So many people trust him that they just let Ljuba do his thing. Man simply knows everything, can do everything, from UI/UX design and sketch to live Digital Products... Adobe... Figma… Miro... literaly everything.

Željka Živanović

Lead Android Developer

She works as a senior android developer during the day and runs 10K in the afternoon. A lot of us claim that she's the same Scully (The X-Files) from her younger days, but the truth is out there. Željka is a serious Tsarina whose programming and leadership skills are out of this world.

Nikola Tripković

Full-Stack Developer

Per aspera ad astra. Over the thorns to the stars. From QA to Full Stack developer. Weni Widi Wici. He came, He saw, He conquered and stayed at Wtech. We don't know how to say he always slays in Latin, but he does.

Jelena Radanović

Comunication Director

Standup comedian who has been in communications for 15 years. The latest skill - Tarot, where she tries to communicate with higher powers. Although we love her a lot, she considers this a temporary job until she makes a name for herself as a fashion and beauty influencer.

Filip Petrić

Front-end Developer

He proudly holds the title of the youngest colleague, and even more proudly the title of phenomenal frontend developer. Although he thinks it's cringe to praise him and write a lot of nice things about him, we don't intend to stop. Fun fact - he once agreed to be filmed for the company's TikTok.

Filip Petković

iOS Developer

Programmer and DJ who has his own independent record label. His programming is like his musical taste - perfect. We love going to his shows because he puts us on the list and then we feel like VIPs.

Dušan Zogović

QA Engineer

Met the CEO at a soccer game, got a job the next day and has been an irreplaceable part of the team ever since. Wtech's first-team goalkeeper, who is there to make sure that not a single bug flies by.

Uroš Spasojević

Android Developer

Nice people from LinkedIn recomended him to us and we did not regret it. He was on a job interview and after 15 minutes we called him that he was accepted. A colleague who has been with the company for the shortest time but has already become a star of our TikTok. Promising young man.

Mateja Podboj

PHP Developer

Mateja likes basketball and skiing. Mateja does not like to talk much. Came for an interview, slayed, got an offer in 15 minutes. Came to work and continued to slay.

Jovana Đurđević

Project Manager

Graduated geographer who came to lead us on the right path. With her smile, even Jira is not difficult for us. Jole helps us to agilely organize everything, from projects to trips. When interesting geography is played, she is a joker.

Vera Milovanović

Head of Support

Head of support in every sense. With a smile and a warm word, she solves customer problems and leads her team. Even when you're not on her team, you'll get a warm word and support when you need it most. The person who motivates all of us to participate in humanitarian actions and be someone's support.

Anja Nikolašev

Customer Service Coordinator

Still water runs deep, and quiet Anja is slaying organization and multitasking. A trustworthy person you can always rely on. As water is necessary for life, Anja's positive energy is for us. When we sent her the first version of this text, she corrected two mistakes and said: can you add that I am a grammar Nazi. We did.

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